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We are a full practice management company. Our mission is to increase reimbursement to our medical providers through high quality medical billing with commitment, transparency and accomplished work allowing our providers to focus on patient care.

Why Choose Us?

 Our foundation is based off experience! We deliver far more than just billing. You will receive the personal, expert attention your medical practice needs. Yet, our pricing is exceptionally reasonable given the level of service and expertise we deliver. When billing in-house you face fixed costs, but with DRs’ Choice Billing Solutions your costs are personalized to exactly what you need. When you decide to outsource your medical billing operations to DRs’ Choice Billing Solutions, all billing tasks and claims submissions will be handled by our highly trained team, so you can spend more time concentrating on providing quality care to your patients.

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of revenue is failed to be collected by most practices
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of small practices in the U.S. plan on outsourcing by 2022
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spent annually on claims processing in the U.S.

Capture Every Dollar

At ABC Billing Services, we reduce claim denials so our providers don't lose a dime.

Increase Your Bottom Line

We're not just a billing company. We're a collection agency too. That's why we make sure to pursue every claim until it is paid in full


With our services, we keep you updated on industry changes and keep you informed on the financial health of your company.

Capture Every Dollar

DRs’ Choice is dedicated to timely filing and working the medical claims promptly ensuring payment in the time frame that is required of insurance companies for valid claims.  

Increase Your
Bottom Line

Rejections, denials and ignored medical claims are worked to ensure maximum reimbursement.

Stay Informed

With our billing services, we keep you updated on industry changes and work diligently on Accounts/Receivable management.

A Group of Trusted Advisors

DRs’ Choice Billing Solutions’ staff is tasked with translating the care delivered by medical professionals into billable services using a complex system of CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS codes; all while maintaining compliance with ever evolving insurance industry regulations.

Our team will work tirelessly to ensure all claims are submitted timely and all rejections, denied and/or ignored medical claims to maximize reimbursement.  

Do it right the first time with DRs’ Choice Billing Solutions.

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