About Us

Our foundation is based off experience. Our comprehensive expertise includes start to end revenue cycle management with experience that has been acquired over decades. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ business requirements and challenges, the support of our highly skilled team of professionals grant us leverage to provide the best and most practical solutions in medical billing.


We schedule weekly conference calls with a familiar face who knows your business and your requirements.

We tailor services to your practice so you only pay for the services you need. That means higher net revenue and better control over your practice’s bottom line.

We work with your existing EMR to keep your favorite system. If you need an EMR, we’ll help you select the one that works for you.

Our Story

Our foundation is based off experience. Throughout the years we have worked in all different aspects of the medical billing office from patient registration, office management, billing and coding, claims and appeals and all the roles in between. After years of becoming experts in the field Linda, Julissa and Sylvia, along with their newest addition, Kae Lee, decided we are passionate and motivated enough to start our own company saving medical providers money. We take pride in our accomplishments as medical billing and coding specialists. Our motto is “Do It Right the First Time.” The rationale behind that is if you complete all of the steps the the revenue management cycle correctly the first time, your claims are far less likely to get denied, thus saving time and money. Our clean claims rate is second to none. We understand the process of medical billing and coding can be daunting, so let us handle the caseload while your practice focuses on what matters most, your patients! 

Do it right the first time with DRs’ Choice Billing Solutions.

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3930 Glade Road Suite 108-136
Colleyville, TX 76034

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